12PM trip to BDG city

some time ago. 12pm wallord invited by the event to follow the event which is held every year. held at Bandung, in Bandung city museums struggle. This event was attended by many graffiti artists from various cities. 12pm that evening we make a simple piece near the station bandung

Demon Side

in making this work I was inspired to the bold lines and curved lines of tattoo-style. I perpadukan with symmetrical on both sides. take the black with a red light. this is my work entitled demon side

Colabo with Tuyuloveme

I made this artwork with tuyuloveme. then he can call from a friend to make a video about graffiti. I was invited to collaborate and be a showcase between JEHO X TUYULOVEME. cheers

Pray for The Ilumination

I made this artwork with my old friends who often called Mix SVK. I decided to take the theme of illumination because with increasing time, these schools began to spread to all walks of life. true illumination must be eradicated from this country.

Betrayer Judas

I made this artwork for Necrophilia, Deathmetal band from pekalongan. This artwork inspired from Judas Oscariot, The betrayer of Christ. See you in next project

Back from Hell#2

I made This artwork to continue the previous piece. Back from Hell #2.
Bujangan Urban came to Semarang and decided to make piece with 12 pm.
thanks to bujangan Urban for Come and draw Together.
see you in next wall.
cheers up